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Training materials

Printing, binding and distribution of presentation documents

Let us take complete care of production and distribution of your training materials. One specialized online content management system will make your work much easier.

Simply deliver your documents to us and we will do the rest including:

  • Design
  • Printing
  • Binding and laminating
  • Delivery to your address

All details related to your documents are stored for your future orders.

Focus on your Core Business

Your instructors do not have to think about how, when and who will produce training materials – they can fully concentrate on the content and preparation of the training itself.

How It Works

Great Variety
Choose from our wide range of binding, materials and colours. We design and prepare all your documents in order to represent you perfectly.

Online content management of your materials
No need to visit our branch. Manage your documents online and save time and costs.

Technical Advice
Our experts will advise your trainers about the ideal form of presentation materials in terms of functionality, structure as well as cost efficiency.

Respecting your Corporate Identity
All your materials can be designed according to your company's visual, including personalized binders with a company logo.

Finished documents can be collected at a branch or delivered to your address as required. We strictly adhere to agreed delivery time which our clients highly appreciate.

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