Copy GeneralNewsByggnet is coming to the Czech market

Byggnet is coming to the Czech market

Byggnet – an online tool for document management – is entering the Czech market via Copy General. It is a modern platform, which brings a lot of substantial benefits to those involved in construction projects from the early stages of the construction process to the final maintenance of the building. The system simplifies the working process and insures the documents are safe, available and up-to-date. Thus it provides significant help in insuring the completion of projects in due time and within set budget.
In Scandinavia, Byggnet has been the most widely used document management system for 10 years and it is the number one leader in innovations. It is utilized by investors, planners, construction companies and facility managers. Among its users we can find IKEA, Skanska, IKANO Group, The city of Stockholm, Swedish national network of hospitals and schools and a number of privately owned companies and public institutions. Since 1999, Byggnet has been successfully used in thousands of projects. 
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